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2 years 7 months tomorrow.. [20 Mar 2005|07:54pm]
[ mood | loved ]

yea boi, 2 years 7 month anniversary tomorrow. i really, truly love my boyfriend. and he loves me. he's my whole world, so if you bitches want to mess with that, i'll fuck you up. yeah. SO.

thursday, i can pick up pictures!! i'm excited. the ones me and heff got done a couple of weeks ago.

ok i must snuggle the hamburglar now. (aka murphy)

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ok so here's whats up.. [16 Mar 2005|07:04am]
[ mood | distressed ]

ok, i have time before school so i'm updating..

saturday, i took the SATs and they were horrible. i was stuck at a very uncomfortable desk in cumberland high school from 8 am - 1 pm. i swear to god, if i didn't do good, i just might not bother doing them again cos it was so bad. or else i'll go to king philip or something. well, at least i got to eat friendlys for lunch because of it.
sunday i started cleaning my room, and then worked from 2:30-9, like usual. nothing fun there, but heff visited me twice so that's good.
monday i went to school and worked. then went to heffs, duh.
yesterday.. yesterday was good. half day, took laura to attelboro, then booted it back home cos heff came over on his lunch break.. yes. then i watched bambi and took a nap until my mom came home and woke me and the cat up. then when heff got out of work at 5, he picked me up and i went home with him and did my homework there and went shopping and got stuff for the fishtank, bought me a pair of shoes, and three pairs of socks.. oh yea he got some stuff too, a new pair of work clothes, and some new boots.

i had a horrible dream last night. me and laura were hanging out at school, except it wasn't really our school it was an imaginary one, but then we went home. and then she called me and was like 'molly, i just called jeffrey's house to ask him about something on my car. where are you right now?' and i was like 'at home why?' and shes like 'i heard a girl in the background.' EFFIN BAD DREAM, huh? woke me right up. sons of bitches.

well, i know that wasnt fun, but too bad. i'm wasting some time and that's the whole point.
k, ciao.

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WOW. [08 Mar 2005|07:29pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

the last couple of days have been hell on wheels. saturday was my birthday, and the first birthday call i got was from steph and she told me that ashley died friday night. i didn't believe her. i still dont believe her, even though i know it's true. it's just completely unbelievable. ashley was important to everyone. i don't know of anyone who had a problem with her. after that little freshman dying three weeks ago, we didn't need this. tri-county's falling apart and everyone is hurting. i hate this world.

I LOVE YOU, ASHLEY! you won't be forgotten.

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happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah...... [02 Mar 2005|03:44pm]
[ mood | discontent ]

i'm sure you guessed it. i'm turning 17 in 3 days. you're all jealous, i know. and carlais turning 17 on tuesday and justin is turning 17 thursday the 17th. what an exciting time.

so me & heff got pictures taken, if you want one say so.

i dunno what else. i'm kinda bored. very, not kind of.

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22.5 [22 Feb 2005|07:21pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

so. this week i will be working 22.5 hours,which means i will be making $121.50 after they take out taxes... score.

uhm, my birthday is 11 days, and i'm going to be 17. i am all grown up almost. my mom is going to pay for professional pictures of me & heff, and i better not look huge in them or i'm going to be rip shit. i was going to make my dad buy me a computer and heff buy me an LCD monitor but i dont think it's going to happen, so i don't know what else i'm going to get. son of a bitch..

OH MY GOD, i'm so tired. i've closed at work the last two nights, and today i had to go in to work for rachel and to work for amareeka. its effin crazy. ALSO, because i had to close yesterday, i missed my anniversary of 2 and 1/2 years. i got to see heff for 15 minutes on the other side of the counter. my life is over!


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I AM NOT JEALOUS! [18 Feb 2005|04:01pm]
[ mood | cold ]

god damn it, i will not be jealous. and that's that.

well, vacation has officially started, so that's good.i picked up a few extra hours at work. uhmmmm.. ITSMY ANNIVERSARY ON MONDAY! yeah, boi! ok i'm going to go play zoo tycoon, ciao.

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effin' a, i'm grumpy.. [16 Feb 2005|08:00pm]
[ mood | grumpy ]

i am in such a bad mood and i dont even know why. its a pain in my asscheek. i'm just pissed. pissed at two certain girls, and one certain boy (not necessarily in that order) and it's ruining my life. i hate it when i'm angry.
AND DO YOU KNOW WHAT ELSE? i had a dream that ashley martin was sleeping with heff, and it freaked me out. i dunno. my heads fucked up.

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oh geez i suck at journals.. [12 Feb 2005|01:56pm]
[ mood | horny ]

well, lets see. it is february and i just check and the last time i updated this was the beginning of septemeber. effin a', i'm just too cool for my own good and i dont spend much time online. actually, the only reason i looked at this was because i'm reading andreas journal.
SO my mom & her boyfriend left for valentines day weekend, which means i'm home alone til tuesday morning. yeah, boi! so me & heff are catching up on 'quality time.' heh. he's my valentine. effin a', he turns me on.in nine days it will be our two and a half year anniversary. yea, he's a keeper. i'm actually watchin play his dorky game on the other computer right now.i love jeffrey. jeffrey, jeffrey, jeffrey.
SO, i'm passing trig with a C- for the first half of the year.if i can't keep that stupid grade then i'm not going on co-op nxt year, and that would suck. i really, really want to goon coop. i'd be making so much more money. way more hours and not on minimum wage, either. sons of bitches.

K! thats about it, i guess. maybe i won't forget about this thing again.

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first day of school tomorrow.. [07 Sep 2004|11:19pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

and i know i sould be sleeping, but i'm bored shitless.

so lets fill out a survey..

the ultimate kissing survey

age of first kiss: kindergarten, with derek.. lol. first real kiss? 13.
number of people you've kissed: 8. what a loser number. thats what one boyfriend for
two years does to you... ugh.
french kissing is: sexy.
the worst kind of kiss is: with too much saliva.
the best kisser you know: is me.. NO JK. my sexy boyfriend, jeffrey.
the worst kisser you know: no comment.
the celebrity you'd like to kiss: if i had to choose.. ashton kutcher.
friend you would like to kiss: yea, not into that..
favorite movie kiss: lady and the tramp kissing in the spaghetti scene. aww.
do you kiss on the first date? i do alot on first dates lol. what a slut.
eyes open or closed? they're closed usually, unless i want to peek.
average number of kisses you get a day: however many i want, lol.. uhm.. oh just
tons. 15-20 maybe.. i guess, average.
ever kissed a friend's boyfriend or girlfriend? no. i'm not a scumbag.
the last person you kissed: the heffer (aka jeff)
best placed to be kissed: lol. honestly? the tip of my nose.
have you kissed someone of the same sex? yes.
what about the opposite sex? of course.
do you consider kissing cheating? no, but i'd consider it grounds for dumping.
The longest you've gone without a kiss: recently? not long.
the kiss you regret most is: oh jesus.. it starts with an 'r.' ugh.
kissing in public is: fine. try telling that to my boyfriend, though. all i can get
is a smooch.
tongue rings are: sexy and a half.
two girls kissing is: okay if it's just for fun.
two guys kissing is: not my thing..

well that was fun. kinda. but i'm still not friggan tired. my ear hurts though. last saturday i got an industrial, and its still painful but not as swollen as it was. and it doesn't bleed anymore. unless you tug on it or wack it hard. it'l be fine soon. lol. i hope.

ok i'm goin to sleep. well, tryin to. i'm goin to bed anyways.

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agh.. [31 Aug 2004|11:04pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

i am so depressed.. the world is a shitty place.

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dur.. [25 Aug 2004|10:22pm]
[ mood | excited ]

i forgot! i've been pimping out my car lately. white girl style. i got new sexy seat covers, and a cd visor and case, a sexy tiki man bobblehead, and lots of other cute lil stuff. all the major stuff's already been taken care of too, with my flip down cd player, amp, and huge kicker in the trunk. plus, i have aftermarket rims, but they arent on it right now, cos i need new tires for them, plus winter's comming soon anyways, so i'll put it off til later. i'm just excited, cos i might be getting it onto the road soon, ::crossing the fingers::

k bye.

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damn.. [25 Aug 2004|10:06pm]
[ mood | blank ]

well... i'm going back to work tomorrow... after 6 days of freedom. i really dont like working, but at least i get to leave at 6 pm tomorrow. on friday i leave at 10 pm, and sunday i leave at 9 pm. i HATE closing. well at least i'm bringing home the big bucks. plus, jeffrey is bringing me burger king on his lunch break lol, and before he goes back to work he'll drop me off at mine. i'm glad he can take lunch breaks whenever he wants. i guess that's one of the perks of a 40 hr work week. gaaaay.

well better news, my aunt sara is comming this weekend. she's staying at my mem & pep's house, so i'm planning on spending the weekend there instead of my dad's, since my mom & her friggan boyfriend are going away camping with their 'friends.' i love my aunt sara, she reminds me of me, cos shes such a lil bitch. lol. so cool. plus, she needs a chaffeur so i get in some driving practice before my road test, which isn't that far away. but my aunt's only comming for a couple of days so we need to get quality time in, damn it. i haven't seen her since february of 03.'

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15 days til school, and i dont know what to expect.. [24 Aug 2004|09:54pm]
[ mood | content ]

last year sucked and i dont know if i'm excited about going back or not. supposedly theres going to be a new girl in my shop, and i dont know how i feel about that either. bleh. well at least i get to buy new stuff for school. right?
i'm going to be a junior.... which means i wont get to hang out with the upperclassmen anymore, just lowerclassmen, which isn't cool. brad's gonna be a freshman, and he's going to tri-county, too, so at least i can harass him and his friends. that'll be fun.

it was my anniversary last weekend and we went camping. not really a lot to say about that except its been two years and i just keep on loving him.

I GOT PINK WORKBOOTS TODAY, along with some other stuff but those are the main highlight. brad n my mom went shopping with me too, and we got lots of stuff for school. it was fun.

i dont have anything left to say except some coutdowns..
15 days til school..
22 days til my roadtest..
362 days til my 3 year anniversary..


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whole lotta birthdays... [16 Aug 2004|11:46pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

first it was jeffrey's, july 20th, then jeannettes on the 22nd, my mom's on august 5th, nikki's on august 8th, micheals sometime between now and then, and jeffrey's mom's was today, august 16th...

mines in march.

well sept 15th, i'm going for my road test. samantha went last friday, but she failed, so now i'm worried. stephanies goin sometime this week, i hope she doesn't fail too.
TODAY was samanthas first day at dominoes, lauras first day at honey dew, and jeffreys first day at vendetti motors, however you spell it. sam slept over last night and cleaned my room with me today before she left for work. its pretty spiffy right now. i'm proud. after jeffrey got home from work, me him y mom and roger went out to the longhorn for dinner. i had baby back ribs cos i had a craving for them... me & jeffrey picked up my car in north attleboro and brought it back to franklin, tested out the emergency brake to see if it would work well enough for the statie to let me use it on my road test. it does. i think. well, he was tired from his long day of work, and has to get up early again tomorrow, so he went home at 9:30 pm. a while after he left i had an emotional breakdown because i missed him, and realized that ita going to be normal only seeing him 4 hours out of the day and not at all if i'm closing up shop at my work, which is the hours i normally work.. so i had a little cry, and i just finished baking a pie, so i have nothing to do for the next 17 hours until he gets out of work again. i'll go sit in my car and make it look sexylicious.
i'm only working two days this week (wednesday & thursday 2:30-6 pm if you want to come visit) cos i asked for a couple of days off to go camping this weekend because it is ..
OUR TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY!! i love you jeffrey.
of course he's goin home a day early because he fuckin has work on monday, god damn it.
ok i'm going to go walk around the house now, ttyl.
OH YEA! my mom said that every day he should come here for his hour of lunch and i can make him it, like a lil housewife. GOD! i am such a loser, but i think it'll be fun. he can have a lil menu and pick what he wants! yay! oh yea. and now i have to walk to work now, too, cos jeffrey was my ride. whatever. i'll deal. i need the exercise. god, i cant wait til i can drive.
ok thats really it now, bye.

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one month today since i've updated this thing.. [03 Aug 2004|02:53pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

well i've been busy (extremely) and just ignored this thing for exactly one month, but i've got nothing to do so i went online and i'm updating this.
in the last month, i have gotten my first job (at honey dew donuts, lol). come visit me. its on e. central street in franklin. work takes up most of my time, and jeffrey really takes up the rest of it. but thats okay, the moneys pretty good.
uhm.. the 20th of july was jeffrey's 18th birthday. quite the landmark. i'm very proud. lol.
i finished all my driving lessons but the earliest i can take my road test is sept 6th (wish me luck).
i havent seen most of my friends this summer, except for samantha. and i've seen steph and laura once or twice. i'm kinda upset, cos' i miss everyone.
SUNDAY is my 1st best friend ever's 16th birthday (happy birthday, nikki) and she actually invited me to the party. whoa-oh! but now i have to find a good present.
hmm. now for the crappy news.
losing weight is harding then it looks, but i'm workin on it. it was much easier gaining it. i've lost almost...20 lbs.. but then again think of all the poundage i still have left.
my mom's still with her crappy boyfriend. no need to go further into that.
and one of my new angelfish died while i was staying at my dad's house. assholes. well what can you do?
k thats it.

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lots of news.. [03 Jul 2004|01:00pm]
[ mood | excited ]

well theres tons going on. in one hour exactly me, jeffrey, and sam are going up to canobie lake park in nh to party and have fun with mike (samantha's weirdo friend, not mine). i dunno when we'll get back but i'll probably update then, maybe not. whatever. ah i love canobie lake park!

other news. i'm finding her (sam) a new boyfriend because she hates paul but doesn't like being single anymore. so she wont dump him. BUT jeffrey has a really really hot friend and they talked last night but i'm not really sure how it went. he said he'd hang out with us, though, so it's a possibility. and samantha's gorgeous so yea. and he'll buy me a goat, so that makes him a cool kid. i dunno.

17 days til jeffrey's birthday!
18 days til its our 23 month anniversary/ i go camping with laura.

k thats about it.

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cruisin for chicks.. [01 Jul 2004|10:53pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

well today was absolutely fabulous. i spent lots of time with my extra gorgeous boyfriend. then i actually went to visit my great grandmother, which wasnt fun but the rest of the day was great so it doesn't matter. she's gone crazy. jeffrey thinks it skips every other generation cos' my mom is a wacko too.
yea so then i got burger king [ orgasm ] and went over jeffrey's house. and watched.. decoys, i believe. with the alien chicks in college. yea. then me and jeffrey drove all over ri. we went car shopping while we were out, too. and now i'm back here. and bored. i think i'm gonna watch anastasia. again. lol.

OH YEA! my dog is spending the week at my house cos' my brother and dad went to florida. he's so cute. he's right next to me and he'll watch anastasia with me.

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.. [30 Jun 2004|11:01pm]
[ mood | grumpy ]

i'm booooored. i cant figure out how to make the dvd player work, so i cant watch anastasia.. and there is just nothing to do.

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my first driving lesson!! [30 Jun 2004|01:22pm]
[ mood | relieved ]

oh today was fun, even though no one woke me up! i had my first driving lesson at 11 am this morning, kinda had to rush to get out in time, but that's okay. my instructor was awesome, but the guy in the car with me can't drive for shit. it was kinda scary, but it's ok! because i did good. i should drive professionally.
when jeffrey gets out of the shower, i'm goin to walk to his house. but for now i'm gonna find something to eat and watch the telly.

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i dropped my ice cream cone but it's okay.. [28 Jun 2004|10:39pm]
[ mood | loved ]

today was hectic. i'm setting up electrical in my bedroom for my new ceiling light 'sculpture' and set up my tv/vcr/dvd player stand. it was rough. but my pepere and jeffrey helped out so it's all good.
then i went to jeffrey's house for tacos. then we went to wampum corner to get icecream. yea i think i had about one lick and then it decided to fall into my lap after rolling down the front of my new boston sweatshirt. what an asshole. so jeffrey got me a bowl and i just took off my sweatshirt cos we had to go get me a soap dish before we went back to my house. we also got me new picture frames.
then we just hung out here and that's about it. pretty boring but that's okay.
OH YEA. i'm going camping with laura. july 21st through 24th! i love spending time with laura and everything, but i hate camping. and i hate being away from jeffrey. the 21st is our 1 year, 11 month anniversary, too but thats ok... the 20th is his birthday and at least i can spend that with him. but i'm going to miss him so bad. i'll take lots of pictures and send lots of postcards. for four friggan days. well, absense (however you spell it) makes the heart go fonder... or makes you have a mental breakdown. but thats enough bitchin and moanin. i'm gonna go do stuff now.

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